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Introduce about AppBlockBlock websites, set app usage timers, and set productivity remindersHow to ignore a notification from social mediaHave you tried playing Facebook to see...
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Introduce about AppBlock

Block websites, set app usage timers, and set productivity reminders

How to ignore a notification from social media

Have you tried playing Facebook to see how long it takes you to surf each time, or have you tried reading online publications in anticipation of showbiz drama? When you watch it rapidly, for example, it takes up half an hour. Not to mention a slew of additional programs that, at times, may drive you insane, such as video editing, music listening, and movie watching… can all be summed up in one phrase: There are far too many diversions in modern life. No matter how hard you try or how determined you are, you will always receive notifications that will cause you to be distracted from your work. All of this must be resolved as soon as possible, or we will be unable to focus on anything else. Thousands of things happen on the phone with notifications all the time, even though I know we should pay attention to work. You can’t ignore it no matter how hard you try. That is why I need to locate an app to assist me with this. After a long time, Appblock finally appears in front of me.

What is AppBlock?

In a nutshell, AppBlock is an app that allows users to “regain attention” by temporarily disabling distracting apps on their phone or tablet. You can use this temporary lock mode for a group of apps on your device, or just a few specific apps, at a specific time of day when you require a lot of concentration.

Features and benefits

When it comes to ease of usage, this AppBlock is straightforward. I’m not very interested in phone apps that enable this function, thus I’m hesitant to use and rarely install them. It’s not the case with AppBlock. The first time you launch the application, you’ll get a sense of comfort and understanding. Only backdrop colors and elegant typefaces are used in this monochrome interface. Concentrate on the adjustment feature buttons, and each operation takes only 1-2 touches to complete. So, even if you’re not extremely tech-savvy, I believe you’ll be able to use it. You can save these settings each time you want to ban specific applications for a specific amount of time. Then go to the Settings store and select that Setup again the next time you have a similar need.

What will we have besides blocking apps?

Another benefit that only experienced people may appreciate. If you have children at home, you may need to lend them your phone or tablet on occasion (like texting a friend, setting up Facebook or learning online, playing a little game). Then you should definitely download AppBlock to lock all of the apps on your device that your infant isn’t using. Why? What if it’s being used by your youngster when a customer’s Facebook messaging arrives? When your youngster sees the message, he or she may arbitrarily click to respond to gibberish, press the wrong send button, or call someone they don’t know. Worse, you may use online shopping apps to place orders and have them charged automatically using the card information you previously saved. If technology comes into the hands of youngsters, 1001 situations will arise that you can’t even imagine. Use AppBlock to keep unwanted items hidden, prevent the negative repercussions of using machines, and help your youngster concentrate better at work. It is preferable to use the application lock mode only during certain hours of the day. Reading books, playing learning games, attending online classes, and engaging with friends are all now included in the schedule you’ve set for your child. When it is switched off for a set period of time, the baby will no longer be able to utilize it and will be forced to revert to traditional toys. Limiting time spent using technology in a scientifically sound manner protects the eyes and mind of the newborn in the long run.

What is the principle of application locking in AppBlock?

AppBlock will allow you to set passwords for your mobile and tablet apps, just like you would for your house. This password can be a secure alphanumeric sequence that only you, a fingerprint, or a Gmail account can open with characters. When you opt to lock with an alphanumeric password, AppBlock even provides an emulated random keyboard. This phony keyboard will be used to retype your password. You will be helpless even if you install black software to peep at the password in this method. Almost AppBlock works on all forms of content on the phone, including apps, photos, and functional tools. As a result, not only will the application be locked, but your phone will also be safe from trespassers throughout the time periods you specify. AppBlock is also incredibly easy to use. After enabling the app to access the phone, it will provide a list of all other apps on the device. All you have to do now is pick the button to enable encryption in the row of each app that needs to be secured/blocked in AppBlock. This button can also be used to switch off the option when it is no longer required. You can also set up email notification blocking and secure browsing mode in addition to the application blocking feature to assist you get rid of the dread of being tracked when using the public internet.

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MOD APK version of AppBlock

MOD feature

Unlocked Premium

Download AppBlock APK & MOD for Android

To summarize, an application can be small and light, with a limited capacity, but its ability to block, lock, and secure it is far too strong. AppBlock not only helps you focus better at work, but it also protects you from a variety of potential dangers while using your device.

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