Angry Birds Journey

Angry Birds Journey

Rovio Entertainment Corporation

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Name Angry Birds Journey
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Package com.rovio.abcasual
Publisher Rovio Entertainment Corporation
Category Games
Version 2.3.1
Size 143M
Requires Android 7.0
MOD Features Unlimited Coins
Introduce about Angry Birds JourneyPublisher Rovio Entertainment released the slingshot puzzle game Angry Birds Journey in March2020. It was previously known as Angry Birds Casual. This is t...
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Introduce about Angry Birds Journey

Publisher Rovio Entertainment released the slingshot puzzle game Angry Birds Journey in March2020. It was previously known as Angry Birds Casual. This is the eleventh game in the Angry Birds series to feature slingshot action, and it’s the nineteenth overall. To alter its name to Angry Birds Journey, the game was taken down from Google Play and the App Store in December 2020. The game made an official return to Google Play on January14, 2021. It is quite unfortunate for gamers in Asia since the game is presently only available in North America and a few European nations. But don’t worry, you can install it by downloading the APK file from IPHONESIDE and playing it whenever and anywhere you choose.

How to play?

Angry Birds Journey is a slingshot game, as was already explained. To aim at the target, players must drag the rubber piece with the birds on it. The game will include three sections with various tasks and scenarios, including:

  • Ancient Ruins in Chapter One
  • the Crystal Mountains in Chapter 2
  • Chapter3: The Challenge of Gaia

In addition, the publisher will include a new section with tougher tasks for gamers.

What’s difference between Angry Birds Journey and other Angry Birds games?

The stages in Angry Birds Journey cannot be replayed, which is one way that it differs from the previous games. The star rating has been eliminated as a result. In addition, the match-3 puzzle game borrows the Angry Birds Dream Blast visual style. Dream Blast is another game in the Angry Birds franchise. In comparison to earlier slingshot games, the game promises to provide players fresh sensations. The manner the birds summon their powers has also altered, in addition to their look. The power is automatically turned on when they come in contact with the Piglets’ fortress. In contrast to Angry Birds2, players can no longer push the screen to summon the power of the birds. In addition to battling the bad blue pigs, our birds also need to save the helpless Hatchlings.

The strength of each bird

The lovable birds from the Angry Birds video game series can still be encountered. There is a new mode in Angry Birds Journey, though. The player will receive a certain amount of energy after each turn. The birds will become stronger than they normally are and deliver more damage when the energy bar is fully charged. The following information outlines each bird’s unique abilities:

  • Chuck: As soon as he makes contact with the stronghold, Chuck will clone and fly a second segment, damaging every building it goes through.
  • Bomb: When it touches anything, the bomb will detonate and harm anything nearby.
  • Silver: Silver will damage structures below once it touches the ground by penetrating them.
  • Stella: Stella will form a bubble upon impact that will raise every object that comes in contact with it. The entire scene will collapse to the ground after 1.5 seconds.
  • Red: After touching the fortress, Red incites a disturbance by colliding with and harming five random targets.

Additionally, there were tiny, helpless Hatchlings throughout the game. Swarms of vicious Piglets are keeping the birds in iron cages. They must provide aid. Several Hatchlings were also contained in ice blocks. The surrounding obstructions must be removed for the light to melt the ice cube. Piglets remain the game’s antagonists, but they take on a more cartoonish appearance in Angry Birds Journey. In the game, there are two different sorts of piglets, each with unique features like shapes and circles. Don’t let their charming appearance fool you; these piglets are quite naughty and destructive.


Even if the image in Angry Birds Journey is far more intricate than in the previous games, the graphics do not let players down. By adopting the aesthetic of Angry Birds Blast, the characters become prettier and more relatable.

MOD APK version of Angry Birds Journey

MOD feature

You have a ton of coins, which are limitless.
You can also try other applications like Tailed Demon Slayer, Golf Clash, and Blockbusters.

Download Angry Birds Journey APK & MOD for Android

If you’re searching for a simple, enjoyable game to play to unwind in your free time, Angry Birds Journey is a great option. With images of incredibly adorable and humorous birds, the game is also ideal for kids. Please click the link below to get the MOD APK for Angry Birds Journey and start playing right away!

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