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Name Among Us
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Package com.innersloth.spacemafia
Publisher Innersloth Llc
Category Action
Version 2022.4.19
Size 166M
Requires Android 6.0
MOD Features Unlocked All
Introduce about Among UsThe publisher Innersloth has created a really appealing multiplayer action role-playing game called Among Us. The...
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Introduce about Among Us

The publisher Innersloth has created a really appealing multiplayer action role-playing game called Among Us. The major concept of the game, which was influenced by the well-known board game Werewolf, revolves around the cooperation, convictions, and uncertainty of a crew of astronauts in space. The squad of astronauts must next figure out how to launch the ship out of orbit. However, a few murderers have infiltrated the team with the aim of wiping everyone out. What will the astronauts’ destiny be like?


The setting of Among Us takes place in a spaceship where the astronauts must attempt to launch the ship out of space. The ship is being sabotaged by imposters who have infiltrated the crew and are among the crew. They have the power to kill people, wreck havoc and division on the ship. The astronauts’ objective is to locate anonymous imposters who will leave the ship before it is destroyed.


The gameplay of Werewolf: The Game doesn’t need to be described in great detail because I’m sure you are too familiar with it. The guidelines are also simple enough for beginners to comprehend. Understanding the law is only one component of winning; you must also be able to think quickly, put your faith in the correct things, and, if you’re a murderer, even fool people. Players need to be adaptable and intelligent, not very skilled, to succeed in Among Us. Additionally, playing werewolf-like games with a bunch of buddies is quite interesting. Hours of enjoyment and mutual learning are guaranteed.


As you begin the game, you are given a random role in one of the two camps. You must successfully complete your mission and goal on either side if you want to win. Win by completing the missions to launch the ship or hunt down every impostor for the astronaut faction. However, it was difficult to identify the impostor right away. since they are unlikely to soon expose their identify easily. The astronauts won’t learn anything about the impostor until there are murders and acts of vandalism. If there is vandalism, they can fix the damage or report it if any bodies are discovered. The crew can convene an emergency meeting to discuss unusual behavior and decide whether to dismiss the offenders. Keep in mind that launching the spaceship and removing impostors are the ultimate goals. Please take all necessary measures to eliminate any astronaut in the Imposter’s path. In order to accomplish this, one must first trick them by acting out chores and conversing in the manner of genuine astronauts during talks. The crew might then be divided and mayhem caused by creating vandalism. Find vents or rooms to silently murder crew members. Being outnumbered makes things difficult for the Impostors, but if you split the Astronaut faction into different groups and assassinate its leaders, you can easily win.

Some other features

It is true that board game play is frequently quite exciting, especially when there are plenty of players. Depending on the player count, you might choose to add an imposter or tasks to the game Among Us in order to spice things up. However, playing with pals is still the coolest aspect. I had a really wonderful time. Winners receive brand-new, vibrant character skins as prizes.


The character graphics in Among Us are amusing and quite basic. Naturally, given the nature of the game, the aesthetic component is not particularly significant. The game is smoothest possible thanks to the visual quality enhancement. As a result, you can play for a long time without having to worry about your device’s battery dying or getting tired from playing. Try playing IPHONESIDE’s Soul Knight MOD APK if you wish to play games with such basic visuals.

MOD APK version of Among Us

MOD features

  • unlockable skins
  • Unlocked Caps
  • Unlocked Animals
  • No Ads
  • unlockable skins
  • Unlocked Caps
  • Unlocked Animals
  • No Ads

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Download Among Us APK & MOD for Android

No need to demand poor graphics or high skill levels—Among Us nevertheless draws players in with its entertaining and engaging content. You may now spend hours playing with family and friends. It is a fantastic opportunity for you to communicate with and learn more about the people you care about.

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