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Name Airport City
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Package com.gameinsight.airport
Publisher Game Insight
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Version 8.30.34
Size 155M
Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features Unlimited Money
About Airport CityNo of their genre, video game players enjoy playing aircraft games. It's obvious that titles like Modern Warplanes or flight simulators like Infinite Flight are all highly ...
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About Airport City

No of their genre, video game players enjoy playing aircraft games. It’s obvious that titles like Modern Warplanes or flight simulators like Infinite Flight are all highly well-liked. A machine that enables people to reach and control the sky, the aircraft. Anyone who enjoys flying will find Airport City to be the ideal option. Players are drawn to two modes even though there are no brutal, violent conflicts. With numerous major airports and thousands of small and large aircraft, a city can be constructed. Additionally, while managing the business, you will travel the globe, discover uncharted territory, interact with a wide variety of people, and develop your airport tycoon.

Build your dream airport

Airport City is a fantastic management game that immerses players in the aviation business. The player’s primary objective in the game is to transform a tiny village into a contemporary metropolis with the biggest and best airports in the world. To do that, you must first be familiar with how to run a plane and run an airport. It won’t be at all easy! Because things like runways, air traffic control towers, and hangars are all crucial when building an airport. Moreover, it would be quite expensive to construct an airport from a little, congested town. Whatever you do, starting out is always quite challenging. Don’t give up, thus! You will be overjoyed when the fundamental amenities are completely set up and the first passengers arrive. The next step is to update existing structures and purchase more aircraft in order to construct the world’s biggest airport city.


Making a ton of money and getting affluent is the primary goal of Airport City and every other simulation management game. But in order to be wealthy, you need to own numerous planes and operate numerous trips to every destination. You will receive payment from passengers for each flight. You can unlock dozens of different aircraft types with that money. from jet or intercontinental aircraft made by Boeing, etc. You can freely select any of them from a wide variety of colors and patterns. The airport, runways, and garages must be expanded in order to accommodate a big number of aircraft, though, if you own a lot of aircraft. Additionally, there are costs associated with maintaining the aircraft beyond fuel, maintenance, and equipment costs. When the standard of each flight is raised, you will attract lots of clients and prosper financially. Although it will take time, it won’t be too tough to build the biggest airport city in the world, right?


You might discover new locations in addition to opening up new airplanes. Build an aircraft fleet to go to distant places. Each excursion gives you the chance to bring back priceless artifacts in addition to giving guests a tour of the destination. Everywhere there is a quest system that gathers relics and items. And once finished, you’ll hold a unique collection that many others wish they could own. Of course, becoming wealthy remains a business tycoon’s first priority. To draw more tourists, identify more desirable tourist sites. You can send missions to space, in particular, while you are controlling the sky. You will consequently get more gold coins and cool presents. A real tycoon will pursue success beyond material wealth alone.


Airport City transports you to well-known locations throughout the globe, such as pyramids, castles, or palaces, with its realistic and vivid graphics. It may be claimed that the enhanced graphic quality will aid in Airport City’s transition from a simulation game to an adventure game.

MOD APK version of Airport City

MOD Feature

Unrestricted funds

User manual

The game must be played without Internet access. Otherwise, the loading screen will be frozen during the game. You can also try other applications like Journeys: Interactive Series, Sky: Children of the Light, and Muse Dash.

Download Airport City MOD APK for Android

Players are drawn to Airport City because it offers thrilling and meaningful experiences rather than the gory combat found in many popular games nowadays. Make original flights, erect a sturdy city, travel far, and complete your own unique collection. You are about to enter the realm of Airport City, which is full of surprises and unusual stuff. Avoid missing!

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