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Name Airline Commander
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Package it.rortos.realflight
Publisher Rortos
Category Games
Version 1.5.8
Size 42M
Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features Airplanes Unlocked
Introduce about Airline CommanderOne of the most well-known developers of flight simulator games for Android is RORTOS. By consistently delivering high-quality goods like Extreme Landings, R...
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Introduce about Airline Commander

One of the most well-known developers of flight simulator games for Android is RORTOS. By consistently delivering high-quality goods like Extreme Landings, Real Flight Simulator, and more recently, Airline Commander, they are gradually establishing their position in the market. If you join Airline Commander, you can take control of an airline. Your aspiration to become the most well-known airline mogul in the world grows from there.


Airline Commander initially casts you in the role of a young, skilled pilot. Initially, you’ll work in this role for a sizable amount of time, showcasing your skills while gaining experience. Then, you can leave the position as a hired job to pursue other career goals, such as launching a brand-new airline with aspirations to rule the world of aviation. You will fly in your capacity as a pilot to deliver people and goods to particular locations. The control system for Airline Commander is fairly straightforward. When the Master Throttle icon shows in the third viewpoint, you pull them all the way up until the plane begins to move. Your phone acts as a joystick, allowing you to tilt it to go left or right and perform takeoffs and landings. Airline Commander is quite useful. Therefore, proper controls must be implemented. When you need to fly higher, lower, or divert to reach the next waypoint, the system will let you know. So, while the plane is flying, pay closer attention. In the settings, you may also change the sensitivity of tilting your device. The game can occasionally be very brief. Sometimes all you need to do is exit the aircraft and fly to your destination. Every time you finish your flight, you will gain experience and rewards.

Many licenses to conquer

Multiple licenses are held by Airline Commander (or certificates). To get them, you must complete challenges. They resemble the type of accomplishment you need to demonstrate your skills and background. You will face various obstacles depending on the kind of license you hold and your level of advanced study. overcoming challenges when encountering them when navigating a sudden occurrence in the air. But if you succeed, you will be one step closer to taking over as the next airline tycoon’s boss!

This game is very realistic

This game, as already indicated, is highly realistic. It not only takes advantage of the player’s ability to control a flying fortress with a clear head, but also of their problem-solving skills. In actuality, airplane crashes continue to occur often. Strong winds, unfavorable weather, or even a storm will cause you a lot of problems. The pilot must either change course to a closer waypoint without any other aircraft in use or descend to a lower altitude to reduce the risk. That is, of course, the best method to prevent it. However, there are instances where an engine fails, putting the entire crew in danger. Find the closest airport area and land there, or try landing in the sea or any other idea you have? In addition, there are other issues like faulty brakes or tires that prevent you from landing, a broken steering wheel, or a malfunctioning radar system that makes it impossible for you to determine your direction. The airliner may even have sensor loss, flames, and dozens of other problems.

Many airplane models to explore

Explore more than 30 different aircraft models, including big, medium-sized, and small planes used for transporting people and goods. For a more refreshing experience, you can purchase them. In order to get ready for your forthcoming airline, don’t forget to stock your airport with the newest aircraft. Having more aircraft increases your opportunity to seize and cover a larger portion of the airline market.

MOD APK version of Airline Commander

MOD feature

Unlocked Planes.
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Download Airline Commander MOD APK for Android

An excellent flight simulation game is Airline Commander. It has realistic gameplay in addition to gorgeous backgrounds with hundreds of scenes from all around Europe. You wouldn’t want to pass up this enjoyable game that is completely free!

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