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Name AirBrush
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Version 4.18.2
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Requires Android 4.3
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Introduce about AirBrushSimple Photo EditorWhy should you use AirBrush?We're all familiar with and utilize a variety of photo editing apps. But first, let's talk about the outc...
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Introduce about AirBrush

Simple Photo Editor

Why should you use AirBrush?

We’re all familiar with and utilize a variety of photo editing apps. But first, let’s talk about the outcome. After a few taps, we may receive a gorgeous, dramatic photo, but everything appears to be over. In the end, “you” transforms into something unusual, perhaps diametrically opposed to who you are in real life. I just want to discover a photoshop tool that allows “me” to remain “me.” Until I locate AirBrush, that modest wish may appear unfulfilled. AirBrush appears to be less “attractive” than other photo altering programs. However, after you examine it from the inside, you will see that things are not as amazing as they appear. For personal images, AirBrush’s strength is really useful. And if you’ve ever been disappointed when you see yourself in a retouched photo that is completely unrecognizable as you, consider using AirBrush. That is not how it will make you feel. Let’s take a look at some of AirBrush’s unique features.

Bruises and acne removing features

Bruises and acne are two of a woman’s worst foes. However, erasing it altogether, as other programs do, might sometimes result in streaks of a lighter hue than the skins around it. You’ll never have to worry about it using AirBrush. It just cleans bruises and acne gently. To put it another way, AirBrush’s Healing tool does its job quite naturally and synchronizes the skin color very effectively, resulting in the color arrays practically blurring together without distinction.

Skin whitening and eyes brightening features

Every girl’s most powerful weapons are her smile and her eyes. With just one tap, you may have a beautiful smile and sparkling eyes. AirBrush’s function will entice you to keep it on your phone for a long time. Why? Because AirBrush’s “whiten” feature very slightly whitens your teeth while maintaining the space and contour of your teeth. The “bright eyes” function merely adds a tiny sparkle to your eyes, not like a fox eye or if you’re using contact lenses. Nothing appears to be a ruse any longer!

Skin retouching feature

This function improves the appearance of skin by making it smoother and brighter. Of course, the black-brown skin does not magically transform into a bright-white porcelain. AirBrush’s skin whitening technology will always make you satisfied with smooth skin, even if every facial line or body part remains unchanged, unlike other programs. Another minor bonus for this skin-related function is the ability to apply blush and lipstick. It gives you the impression that you’re blushing slightly. To have an appropriate adjustment for the tone of the blush and lips, the app’s AI will rely on the available color tone of the skin. Even when you’re not using makeup, you can look really attractive in the correct way.

Body slimming feature

The body slimming feature in AirBrush is neither excessively rigid nor overly deceptive. You can thin each little region of the body with two fingers without colliding or changing the remainder of the picture too much, such as the background. This contributes to the general naturalness of the environment. And, if you can slim it, you can bulge it as well. Feel free to do whatever you want to look as attractive as possible while maintaining your natural lines.

Basic photo editing features like other apps

In addition to the natural capabilities mentioned above, AirBrush also includes the standard features found in any editing app, such as blurring the backdrop, cropping, scaling in proportion, adding additional effects to the image, and applying stickers. AirBrush has a great feature as well. You can utilize the auto-editing feature if you don’t have time to make detailed modifications. With just one touch, the snapshot transforms into exactly what you want. Occasionally, the app’s AI performs even better. Let’s give this function a shot!

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MOD APK version of AirBrush

MOD feature

Unlocked Premium

Download AirBrush MOD APK for Android

With only five feature sets, AirBrush will provide you with everything you need for your “virtual existence” on Instagram or Facebook. Furthermore, the end result is really natural and will never let you down. Here you can get the AirBrush MOD APK.

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