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Name AirAttack 2
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Package com.ArtInGames.AirAttack2f
Publisher Colya
Category Action
Version 1.5.3
Size 144M
Requires Android 4.3
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Introduce about AirAttack 2new-generation top-down shooter with air combat! Fighting games excel in moving fast, powerfully, and decisively to a conclusion without interruptions. Additionall...
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Introduce about AirAttack 2

new-generation top-down shooter with air combat! Fighting games excel in moving fast, powerfully, and decisively to a conclusion without interruptions. Additionally, the rush of adrenaline and the energy you get after playing these games will help you be more enthusiastic, inventive, and energetic at work. When using a mobile device or tablet, the battle experience will be even quicker and more streamlined. You need to play AirAttack 2 at least once if you’re looking for a game that makes you feel wonderful.


The background of AirAttack 2 is World War II events. As you participate in fierce air combat between opposing forces, you will be a part of this historic conflict. AirAttack 2’s gameplay is relatively straightforward and doesn’t necessitate too many combinations or intricate brain hacking details, despite the game’s inspiration coming from the idea of world war and air battle. To move the plane in the game, you mostly tap and swipe the screen. Automatic mode is usually used when shooting. You only need to tap on an object that is on the ground or flying low to bomb it.

Where does the addiction come from?

The popular aircraft shooting game AirAttack was followed by AirAttack 2. The top-down shooter gameplay is the same, but AirAttack has performed several new miracles this time. First off, there are a total of twenty-two levels in the game, along with numerous small jobs that you must finish. In addition to allowing you to play by yourself on the smartphone, AirAttack 2 also enables you to challenge and compete with up to 5 Facebook friends through unique weekly and daily challenges.

The attraction from speed and upgrade

Instead of aiming, shooting, and firing, the goal in the middle of a combat is to continuously avoid bullets and gather things. I just want to let you know that this game has an incredibly fast pace, even if it may look simple. Later, you’ll have to constantly strain your eyes to see bullets coming at you like a storm while also recognizing objects in your path (coins, stars, etc.). Furthermore, it is very conceivable to crash into an enemy jet when there are so many adversaries. You know you’re addicted to AirAttack 2 when you discover how difficult the game is getting. This feeling of addiction is additionally made worse by the fact that you experience joy whenever you complete a level or obtain an upgrade for your iron battleship. When you reach a specific level and have accumulated enough money, you can choose from a variety of alternatives that get progressively more powerful, like the F4Ucorsair, Spitfire, Yak, P40-Tigershark, and P38-Lightining. Otherwise, you have the option of accelerating movement speed, equipping the aircraft with unique combat abilities, or picking a new armament. This game also has a robust weaponry, including a tail gunner, bombs, lasers, wingmen, and homing rockets. The more interesting options there are, the longer you travel. This game is not only oppressive, but also alluring. No surprise that nine out of ten players of AirAttack 2 are unable to stop once they start.

Wide customization

I was taken aback by this game’s enormous range of customizing options. You can manually choose whether the screen is in portrait or landscape orientation first. No matter the screen mode, the game continuously improves its role as a mediator and its distinctive fighting. Therefore, it’s alright if you become accustomed to any kind of procedure. Every day, new events are added. This dedication is something to look forward to and maintain for a very long time. We may flexibly adjust the graphic quality and button arrangement while playing to better fit our smartphone.

Graphics and sound

In AirAttack2, the entire image is rendered in a 3D manner. It looks like way merely because the colors are more somber and serious than in other enjoyable 3D combat games. But if you pay close attention, you’ll see how finely detailed everything is. Particularly impressive visual effects are light effects, explosions, crashes, and the exploding carcasses of steel battleships upon gunfire and destruction. You can see lights coming from high-rise building windows or even the bricks along the roadside when looking down on the city from above. Additionally, you’ll witness the dramatic scene of a plane crashing, the trembling of bombed-out buildings, and the ongoing collisions of enemy aircraft. Each weapon and each battle arena also have their own own realistic sound. You won’t be able to take your eyes off the screen for for a second thanks to AirAttack 2’s stunning, vibrant, and lifelike aerial view. When you hear AirAttack 2’s basic sound system, you’re also impressed by the lively, reasonable music with more than 30 amazing background tracks. Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter might be something you like.

MOD APK version of AirAttack 2

MOD features

  • Unrestricted funds
  • Unending Energy
  • Unrestricted funds
  • Unending Energy

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Download AirAttack 2 MOD APK for Android

This game has non-stop plane shooting action, breathtaking scenery, and incredibly generous enticing upgrading options. This game has all the makings of one of my favorite top-notch air combat games. Play this fun game, guys!

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