Age of History II

Age of History II

Łukasz Jakowski

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Name Age of History II
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Package age.of.civilizations2.jakowski.lukasz
Publisher Łukasz Jakowski
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Requires Android 4.0
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Introduce about Age of History IIWill the planet crumble or will it submit to you?Approach to the HistoryYou've certainly noticed that the prevalent theme in war films, especially...
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Introduce about Age of History II

Will the planet crumble or will it submit to you?

Approach to the History

You’ve certainly noticed that the prevalent theme in war films, especially those set in the Middle Ages, is that great heroes use soldiers, generals, and military strategies in addition to their combat prowess. They remain in the barracks, keeping an eye on the map, keeping track of the military situation and military force, evaluating the capability, advantages, and weaknesses of the enemy’s troops, thinking about how to advance and reverse the troops, and then plotting the tactics of attack on the maps in order to control the troops and control their generals. Not everyone wants to be able to perform that job. It takes knowledge from theory and experience as well as the capacity for battle prediction. And you may try playing a challenging strategy game like Age of History II to have a better understanding of how difficult it is to develop clever military ideas and tactics. A really uninteresting grand strategy wargame is Age of History II. The player’s primary objective in the game is to unite the planet and conquer every continent through military strategy and astute diplomacy.

Historical Grand Campaign

Humans have lived through numerous historical eras, each with its own distinctive technological, economic, social, and geographic traits. Wars will always exist, but they will each have unique traits. From the Age of Civilization to a time in the future, Age of History II will take you through all the significant eras in human history. You will be in charge of guiding your people to glory across various civilizations, from the biggest empire to the smallest village. What you create through this long sequence of strategic battles is not just a fleeting geographical advance but the introduction of other civilizations to your people.

Military strategy is not just about generals and intense battles

Age of History II will demonstrate to you that excellent military strategists had many other factors on their minds in addition to using good military command. For instance, they need to consider how to create a strong diplomatic system between nations, who to align with, who to oppose, and who to engage in which conflicts with. As you can see by the state of the world today, no choice is made randomly. It is the outcome of military officers’ understanding efforts, successful diplomacy, and strategic thinking. Even choices about peace treaties, armistices, cease-fires, and re-wars are of great military significance and are directly tied to each nation’s diplomatic activities. This is the opportunity for each player to demonstrate their strategic depth. You will also develop sustainably and quickly accomplish your objectives in each battle if you complete this portion effectively.

The world map is constantly changing

The map system in Age of History II is initially very straightforward but subsequently develops into a more intricate and complex structure. In accordance with how countries’ geographical situations are changing, borders are likewise continually shifting. The movement of various groups of soldiers from various nations is also clearly depicted on the map. With the help of all these advancements, you are now able to track the movements of every nation on the planet and determine the best possible approach for you at any given time. You are fully free to decide on a primary direction for your overall strategy. This orientation will dictate each player’s overall approach and particular strategy. You aggressively seek out new places to conquer in order to progressively increase your domain as a conquest lover. If you value peace, you’ll be more likely to defend your region from outside invasion than to invade other countries.

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Unrestricted funds

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Age of History II is a game that is simple to use and comprehend, but getting all the way to the end is difficult. To provide the nation with the most successful military methods, you must use both your intellect and reason, consider in terms of the present situation and the future, as well as have the capacity to closely examine the state of the conflict.

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