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Name ActionDirector
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Version 6.16.1
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Introduce about ActionDirectorAction-movie-style video editing that's quick, efficient, and impressive!What is ActionDirector?...
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Introduce about ActionDirector

Action-movie-style video editing that’s quick, efficient, and impressive!

What is ActionDirector?

ActionDirector is an all-in-one video editing app with a focus on speed and simplicity. ActionDirector allows you to record videos directly from the app, perform basic to advanced editing with step-by-step instructions, add music to clips, and create impressive, professional, and unique videos that you can share on social media.

What’s special about ActionDirector?

ActionDirector is unlike any other video editing software you’ve used before. Even though everything is done on your smartphone, using ActionDirector to edit videos feels like you’re working on a desktop computer. There is no gap in video editing on a computer because the functional operations are intuitive, easy to understand, and friendly.
ActionDirector’s action-movie-style effects will also aid to highlight key scenes in the film. You may give your video a unique personality by using slow-motion or fast-forward editing techniques. All that’s required is a couple of screen taps to modify the level with a slider beneath the effects.

Create videos directly in ActionDirector

ActionDirector offers making videos directly from the device, so there’s no need to record the video first on the phone or connect an external device to record and upload it. Without having to wait for the movie to load, ActionDirector’s powerful built-in video browser allows you to edit immediately after recording.

Edit video

ActionDirector contains a variety of such effects for making modern action movie-style videos. Once you’ve installed ActionDirector, you can use all of the effects on any video file or from any source (freehand, professional, video or you can download from another source…)
ActionDirector adds a variety of colour filters to videos in addition to effects. The brightness, contrast, and saturation of any filter can be readily adjusted inside it. You can add a new colour layer to your video with a single touch.
The video can also include music. The ActionDirector library has a large quantity of music to choose from. Almost anyone’s musical needs, emotions, and tastes can be accommodated. A video is not only more melodic but also increases the intricacy of the story by using the appropriate background music in the proper context.
ActionDirector’s video editing tools can accomplish everything from basic to advanced video editing:

  • To obtain certain keyframes, remove the filter from the video.
  • Merge many films into one by cutting, trimming, pasting, saving, and merging them. ActionDirector provides some fundamental functions.
  • There are a variety of Transform effects available for combining frames or numerous films into one without any blemishes or an unnatural vibe.
  • You can even add text, a sticker, a title, and a realistic border shadow effect if you wish.

The set of high-tech Action Film-style effects is ActionDirector’s most distinguishing characteristic. After you’ve applied these effects to the video in question, you can further customise it to obtain the dramatic impact you desire: rapid motion, slow motion, lightning motion effect, and so on. It can all be done in a matter of seconds.
You may easily pick the corresponding function buttons to confirm completion, save the video file as Ultra HD 4K, and share the film via social networks or text messages once you’ve completed the video editing process.

You can also try Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

MOD APK version of ActionDirector

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked

Download ActionDirector APK & MOD for Android

ActionDirector is the only video editing programme on the market now that focuses on Action Movie effects. Not all films require this effect, but if you ever want every video you upload on social media to be unique and amazing, as if it were a real Hollywood action film, ActionDirector is the only way to go.

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