60 Seconds! Reatomized

60 Seconds! Reatomized

Robot Gentleman

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Name 60 Seconds! Reatomized
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Package com.RobotGentleman.game60SecondsReatomized
Publisher Robot Gentleman
Category Adventure
Version 1.2.2
Size 160M
Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features Unlimited Resources
Introduce about 60 Seconds! ReactomizedWhat would you do if you had 60 seconds to act and stay alive? True to its wacky moniker, 60 Seconds! Levels in Reatomized only endure for 60 seconds. ...
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Introduce about 60 Seconds! Reactomized

What would you do if you had 60 seconds to act and stay alive? True to its wacky moniker, 60 Seconds! Levels in Reatomized only endure for 60 seconds. You have to do everything that is required of you during that time, often in a frantic and chaotic manner, to protect your family and yourself. Why is there a death race going on with such a short countdown? Let’s follow me to discover the story’s origin.

The story

Four people make up the family in the story: Ted, his wife, and their two kids (i.e. an older sister and the youngest brother). Ted one day receives a message warning that a catastrophic nuclear calamity is approaching and that the family has only 60 seconds to take action in order to escape. The struggle for existence in under 60 seconds! Reatomization is undoubtedly quite distressing. Before making plans for the entire family to move to the shelter, you will initially be requested to gather supplies such drinking water, food, medicine, firearms, etc. But it’s not so easy; the game places you in challenging settings and “very human” scenarios. For instance, if you don’t collect enough food, you’ll all undoubtedly become ravenous ghosts. You will have to slowly die in agony and repentance in the event that you gather everything in time, but one or a few family members do not make it to the basement in time. A daily logbook is used to track your progress during the game (diary of Daddy Ted). A lot of the data are displayed on the texting; this daily diary is one example. Take notice that the game is currently only available in English. So if you don’t want to miss anything crucial, read carefully.

Principle of survival

Of course, the game goes beyond the rudimentary task of gathering stuff while you are on the ground. Under the bunker is where the real action is. The game progressively transitions at this point to the adventure mixed survival genre. You’ll have some basic guidelines to follow each day when you refer to the notes in your diary. The family might decide to send one member down to the surface to find more food and a backup aid box on the sixth day, for instance, when the first personal aid box runs out and the food starts to run out. Who that person is and what self-defense tool they carry will be up to you. At this point, all crucial choices must be made, but they must be made quite differently than they were during the original escape. Many things are present, in addition to the apparent threat of an above-ground nuclear explosion. You can put yourself or your family in peril from enormous scorpions or hordes of hostile strangers looking for safety with just a minute of subjectivity. The guiding premise of the original game is still applicable today: there is no space for sympathy in the struggle for existence. Sharing food with a less fortunate person for only a minute can prevent a family from starving later on. Opening the door would be incredibly unwise because the family could all be slaughtered at any moment.

60 Seconds! Reatomized has a variety of game modes

Do you believe the game only has one mode for playing it from beginning to end with such a broad plot? But there are actually 4 modes. Fortunately, each option is simple to comprehend (but not easy to play). Naturally, all four have the same final goal, which is to gather everything before a catastrophe occurs. Before engaging in actual combat, training mode will enable you to gradually practice the bizarre circumstances in the game. You have ten days to play drafts (equivalent to about 30 minutes of real-time). Additionally, the system will provide clear guidelines and recommendations for each work for you to simply follow. Once you’ve played a few times, you’ll comprehend the idea. Start playing once you have mastered the task. Scavenger mode will put a lot more emphasis on the final 60 seconds before the nuclear bomb goes off. You’ll receive some arbitrary items from the survival phase. The goal is to rely on this “meager capital” to make it through until help arrives. You have 60 seconds in adventure mode to gather supplies from the ground for a string of arduous survival days in the basement.

So many items force you to work hard to find

The item system is a crucial component in a game with such a strong survival theme. There is virtually everything you need to survive rough days in the game. Whether you can obtain them or not is the issue. To make the best decision, you will select one, disregard another, or rank them in terms of importance. Which would you select, for instance, if you had to choose between a stack of soup and a number of first aid kits while the food supply was running low? Well, isn’t it simple to consider this? However, there are other circumstances when making a choice between a respirator mask and a first aid kit is more challenging. Which one will you pick between a respirator mask that can only be used by one person while someone in the family is hurt and a kit of first aid that can be used by the entire family but doesn’t let you go to the surface to obtain additional food? Perhaps you’ll enjoy 60 Seconds! Atomic Journey.

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Only touch and pick, neat and straightforward operation, excellent and multi-dimensional plot, lots of unforeseen developments, 2D graphics that are sharp and extremely wonderful animation style, soothing background music yet plenty of frightening phasesâ Do you have sufficient justification to play 60 Seconds? Still reatomized?

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