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Name 1DM+
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Package idm.internet.download.manager.plus
Publisher Vicky Bonick
Category Apps
Version 15.2
Size 19M
Requires Android 4.0
MOD Features No
Introduce about 1DM+What is 1DM+?Vicky Bonick's 1DM Plus is the...
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Introduce about 1DM+

What is 1DM+?

Vicky Bonick’s 1DM Plus is the most advanced downloading application for Android smartphones. While you will have to pay to get the software, you can speed up the download by up to 5 times. It’s worth noting that 1DM+ doesn’t have any background services, which saves you bandwidth and the device’s PIN. 1DM + is available for free download and usage on IPHONESIDE.

Download files 5 times faster than normal

The download speed is usually determined by your network capacity and device’s ability to receive files. The default download protocol only allows downloading through a single port, which is one of the bottlenecks that slows down the download. 1DM + will assist you in resolving this issue. It can handle up to 32 simultaneous download ports, allowing you to get the most out of your network capacity and download data more quickly. 32 download ports corresponding to 32 simultaneous downloads 32 tiny files are created at this time. The little files are merged to produce the whole file once the downloads are completed. As a result, data as large as several hundred megabytes (MB) or several gigabytes (GB) are downloaded in a matter of minutes. You can manually configure the bandwidth for that download if you wish to limit the download speed. Furthermore, 1DM + allows for download via a link. To begin the download, simply put the link into the address box. Some websites or apps prevent you from using this feature, however 1DM + can automatically reconnect and refresh the link until the connection is established.


The torrent protocol is becoming increasingly popular. When it comes to storing torrent files and source files, people can exchange peer-to-peer. Torrent Pro is a protocol for downloading torrent files, however you don’t need it anymore because 1DM + supports torrent file downloads as well. It’s also quite easy to use. To import files from the device, simply tap the + icon in the bottom corner of the screen and select Import from Device. After that, you may browse for torrent files, import them into the program, and begin the download. 1DM+, of course, has a complete interface for monitoring your downloaded capacity and expected time.

Blocking ads

One of the issues that annoys users when visiting the web is advertising. Some criminals even embed harmful code in pop-up adverts, which infects customers’ devices when they click on it. 1DM + has an adblocking feature built in. For a better, safer browsing experience, it will eliminate any javascript snippets containing the ad library.

Intuitive interface

Importing files, downloading torrent files, downloading files through URL, accessing the web, and blocking adverts are just a few of the functions included with 1DM Plus. On the home page, all of these functions are visibly displayed. The menu in the upper left corner of the screen can be used to see more extensive information and features. It also contains download options. To switch it on or off, simply tap it. The list of files processed, downloaded, or imported into 1DM + is the application’s main interface. You can arrange them by name, creation date, size, file type, and so on, or search for something specific using a keyword. You can conceal files or secure them with a password if you wish to keep your secrets to yourself.

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Some limitations

Aside from the aforementioned features, 1DM Plus has a limitation that prevents it from downloading anything from YouTube. The policies and terms of service set forth by Youtube are still in effect for this application. This may dissatisfy some people, but rules are rules.

Download 1DM+ APK for Android

1DM + is a very handy Android application. It allows you to download a wide range of file kinds and speeds up the download process to save you time. Because of the utility it provides, the app has been rated over 10,000 times and has an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars on Google Play.

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