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1945 Air Force


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Name 1945 Air Force
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Package com.os.airforce
Publisher Onesoft
Category Arcade
Version 9.8
Size 157M
Requires Android 5.0Can play offline
MOD Features Unlimited Money/Energy
Introduce about 1945 Air ForceGun games for airplanesThe aircraft shooting game is not lengthy but goes straight to the pointFrom the developer OneSoft comes the fantastic airplan...
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Introduce about 1945 Air Force

Gun games for airplanes

The aircraft shooting game is not lengthy but goes straight to the point

From the developer OneSoft comes the fantastic airplane shooting game 1945 Air Force. One of the most popular gaming genres has always been aircraft shooting, which has been exploited on PCs, video game consoles, and most recently on smartphones and tablets. Even shooting phases have been transformed into sophisticated and challenging games by several developers. This game features fantastic narratives, character development, battles, and factions, as well as high capacity requirements and 3D virtual simulations. However, some developers adhere to nature’s laws. They believe that a shooting game must allow the player to fire first at the plane. And everything else will be a secondary concern. When providing us this thrilling game, 1945 Air Force, OneSoftt has officially joined the ranks of those select few creators who concentrate on the nature of an aircraft shooting game. You can play this straightforward yet addictive 2D aircraft shooting game on any phone with a reasonable amount of RAM.


Naturally, 1945 Air Force is set during World War II, when air battles were raging with the enthusiastic support of advancements in air technology. You’ll be a skillful pilot participating in air combat using a variety of contemporary aircraft. 1945 Air Force takes the lead despite the fact that the background is a complex moment in human history and the shooting aircraft topic is likewise quite unpleasant. The game doesn’t really concentrate on the plot and doesn’t even break it up into many different chores. Throughout the entire game, your goal is to eliminate every soldier and every member of their potent air force. Keep in mind to avoid obstacles and gather gold coins along the road.


Controlling and manipulating the game is fairly easy. However, winning and keeping up strong performance over several levels is quite demanding. You take control of a fighter jet by yourself and enter hostile airspace to launch an attack. Fascinatingly, every aircraft has automatic firing. Using your finger to continually move your warplane is the sole task you need to give your full attention to in order to succeed. Let’s attempt to evade all of the enemies’ bullets, which are numerous and slippery like rain, and obliterate every target in the air. Because the game’s rules are so straightforward, playing it feels exhilarating and leisurely at the same time. You must therefore endure a small amount of injustice. In other words, the enemies are relatively challenging to kill because there aren’t many difficult tasks to perform. Sometimes, even when you are really soft, it takes many shots to kill one of them. You can pass away from a single bullet wound. Don’t dismiss the sporadic upgrade items you may come across while fighting. Make an effort to pilot the plane deftly, appropriately, and in the proper direction. You’ll be able to finish the assignment and gather gold coins and lovely things at the same time. This money is utilized to improve aircraft, parts, and other aspects of the upcoming battle.

Many times, I play this game just to see the aircraft… and the Bosses

The US, UK, Soviet Union, Germany, and Japan all produced numerous distinct fighter aircraft variants for the 1945 Air Force. Everyone is equipped with ready-made weapons and a limitless supply of ammo. The top fighters, light, heavy, and current military aircraft, as well as renowned flying battleships like the Grumman F6F Hellcat, Lockheed P-38 Lightning, Su-5, P-51, P-36 Hawk, Schwalbe “Swallow”, Mitsubishi A6M Zero, and B-17 Flying Fortress, will be yours to pilot. Each aircraft is also heavily upgraded or personalized to the player’s taste. The 1945 Air Force’s capacity to MERGE aircraft is one of its other distinctive qualities. To develop special super fighters, you can combine a number of mid-range aircraft. These super fighters are equipped with large, powerful armaments. And each time they show up, they completely take over the battlefield. It’s so magical and exciting to watch them arrive and engage in violent combat. The game is regularly updated by the developer and features up to 350 levels with 30 unique battlefields. Of course, the latter is more challenging than the former. The fact that a Boss would arrive at the conclusion of the battle, though, unites them all. These bosses are extremely resilient, with a lengthy lifespan, hideous looks, ultra-modern weapons, devastating power, and oddly quick movements. They cannot be taken for granted, that much is certain. There are several different game modes in this game. You can enjoy the Bomber, Defeat Boss, Defend, Stealth, and Attack game modes when playing alone. The Clan can attract a huge number of members who can work with numerous Divisions to defeat formidable foes. Alternately, you can participate in a PvP online shooter game mode where you and your buddies establish an army, engage in combat, and climb the world rankings. This game is also playable offline. To fight, simply download this game to your device.

Graphics and sound

As previously said, 1945 Air Force places more of an emphasis on how to provide players with the finest experience than it does on looks. The game’s graphics are 2D pixel art. However, do not mistake them for the shattered dark spots or the small characters comprised of countless tiny squares. The imaging technology used in 1945 Air Force has been improved, and the result is that 2D pixels now appear incredibly realistic and detailed. Despite being vintage, it is nonetheless striking. The audio also has a strong investment. The sounds of bombs dropping and jets scream are audible throughout the fighting. The excitement from the initial combat is still present. The best way to play this game is with external speakers. Want to give Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter a shot?

MOD APK version of 1945 Air Force

MOD features

  • Unrestricted funds
  • Unending Energy
  • Unrestricted funds
  • Unending Energy


Before starting the game, you must turn off the internet to avoid being banned.

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Download 1945 Air Force APK & MOD for Android

Every hour, the face of battle is altered. Spread your steely wings to complete every mission and create history. The breathtaking game is worth taking in every moment. Are you all prepared?

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