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 Introduce about application that provides VPN services, such as ExpressVPN, Psiphon Pro, or Panda VPN Pro, is not difficult to find. However, you may be disappointed since...
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Introduce about

An application that provides VPN services, such as ExpressVPN, Psiphon Pro, or Panda VPN Pro, is not difficult to find. However, you may be disappointed since the access speed is insufficient or there aren’t enough appealing features. Why don’t you give a shot? Cloudflare, which is well-known for its DNS service and content delivery on the internet, provides it. Let’s take a look at why their initial app is so popular and has over 5 million users.

Very fast speed with WARP has a significant speed advantage over any other VPN application. WARP, a VPN service that uses WARP technology and has strong optimization capabilities, is integrated by Cloudflare. WARP encrypts the terminal traffic between your device and Cloudflare while building a protective layer to safeguard each from outside risk, rather than masking your original IP to create a separate network tunnel. As a result, the pace has increased. The protocols that are employed are very crucial. It has to do with the speed and efficiency with which data is transported between the browser/application and the server, as well as how quickly the browser/application receives responses from the server. WARP is based on the Cloudflare-optimized UDP protocol for mobile devices. Data packets are transferred and received without having to pass through a series of complicated checks. Although there is no bandwidth restriction when utilizing WARP to access the Internet, Cloudflare’s default traffic is limited. You won’t be able to utilize it after it runs out. In this situation, you may either share the app with your friends to earn 1GB or upgrade to the premium version for $ 4.99 a month to get limitless traffic.

If you do not use WARP?

A free connector is also available for the application. However, because the protocol has not been improved, the process of accessing the internet will be substantially slower. Because the connection is fully encrypted, rather than merely encrypting from your device to Cloudflare’s server as WARP does, it will take longer.


Cloudflare, as you may know, offers a world-class DNS network with dependable security. This available resource will be used by to protect you against external threats. One thing is certain: wherever you go, there will be free Wi-Fi hotspots with the warning that they are not secure. These wifi broadcast routers are insecure, and no one will be held liable if hackers break into your device and steal personal data (email accounts, bank accounts) or install tracking software. Turn on the VPN connection to get rid of it. The DNS encryption layer and the WARP armor layer will restrict limited searches and requests for questionable information. Cloudflare will detect and handle such attacks on your behalf.

Privacy protection

Allow to assist you if you don’t want someone to look at your browsing history. Any traces, data, or search history you choose to keep will be fully deleted from the device, including Cookies and Session data that is transferred back and forth between the device and the server receiving the query. This also means that advertising linked to this track will not be served on websites or applications you frequently use (because of no longer Cookie). If you don’t want to remove them all immediately after turning off the VPN, you can schedule it to delete them after a specified amount of time, such as 3 hours or a week.

Browse apps and games

VPNs aren’t just for web browsers; they may also be used to play games that aren’t available in all countries or that require a faster gaming experience. This is a hot topic, as proven by the 5-star ratings on Google Play. In terms of performance, I’ve also had my own experiences with Cloudflare operates a massive global network of servers. When you connect to the internet, instead of using the typical Wifi network to send and receive data from Singapore, Hong Kong, and the United States, the application will automatically look for the closest Cloudflare server to connect to and reduce transmission time download. Now you may say goodbye to the lagging that has been ruining your experience.

MOD APK version of

MOD feature

You can also try other applications like PDF Reader Pro, Simple Contacts Pro, and Lark Player. You will get limitless data with WARP+ for free.

Download APK & MOD for Android

Remember first if you want a faster VPN service. This program will also meet your demands if you want a higher level of security and privacy. The app is absolutely free and provides the best features for you.

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